Revolutionize The Game


What is Concrete2Green?

Concrete2Green, is a socially conscious sports development & marketing company that uses innovative and eco friendly strategies to grow the sport of soccer in US inner cities and urban communities.

C2G’s mission is to revolutionize the way that soccer is played, viewed and thought of in the U.S. and to be the driving force behind urban soccer – a new landscape on which soccer is played that is directly linked to the culture of urban life.

C2G will provide the platform on which soccer can gain popularity and thrive in urban centers where large, vibrant communities of soccer players and fans already exist. Particularly in the United States, urban communities are not currently considered traditional centers of influence for soccer. However, urban cities, in general, and urban America, in particular, have proven to be the conduit that produces, popularizes, and legitimizes unique cultural expressions (e.g., music, fashion, and language) that are widely accepted, duplicated and consumed all over the world. Soccer has proven itself to be accessible to anyone and C2G will demonstrate how increasing soccer’s accessibility to urban America can translate into increased profitability and popularity in ways that have not been previously explored.

Chief among them is C2G’s commitment to managing its operations in ways that demonstrate its core value of protecting and improving the environment, with particular attention to the needs and concerns of urban communities. Through soccer, C2G will promote healthy, smart, and ‘green’ living that address challenges facing inner cities. Therefore,C2G will seek to partner with other companies and organizations that share our commitment to supporting ‘green’ initiatives for inner cities and those who live there.