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Futsal Comes to Harlem

Although millions of kids in suburban America play soccer, millions more in urban America don’t have access, and therefore don’t play the game. Moreover, there are millions that bring the love of the game with them from their native countries, which share the same plight. Urban America has been left out of the world’s most popular sport. However, if Concrete2Green (C2G) has anything to do with it, it won’t for long.

Enter C2G’s urban soccer movement…

July 18th was a great day to be in Harlem, USA. For the first time, a “futsal pitch” or mini soccer court was laid down in the Mecca of urban culture. And it wasn’t just any court; it was a multi-color futsal court with 5 hues, courtesy of Concrete2Green and SnapSports. The court was laid at the courtyard of the historic Adam Clayton Powell State Office Building at 125th St. & Adam Clayton Powell Blvd. (Seventh Ave).

The free daylong event started with youth clinics, consisting of boys and girls ages 5-14. It then moved into 4 v 4 exhibitions by Harlem’s own FC Harlem. The backdrop of the day was urban culture, including a DJ spinning beats, which resonated with fans, players and kids as they sang along and nodded their heads between touches. Spectators could be seen dancing to the sounds of African drums being played on the corner under the Adam Clayton Powell statue. The echoes of protesters traveled through the air from across the street, while onlookers shopped at the adjacent farmer’s market. It was an afternoon full of community, culture and creative expression.

…and the movement continues.


C2G partnered with Bill Lynch Associates, the Harlem-based consulting firm, to bring The First Annual Harlem Cup, which celebrated FC Harlem, the world’s game and urban culture. …… TPM